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All materials on this and other pages of the site have something to do with the world of Salveblues. This is an imaginary world, which is evolving since 2000 (and won't stop with that, I suppose). I have put a lot of my imagination there, as well as my players have (we use it for playing our (A)D&D games, currently 3.5 edition with severe changes). All real names that you may encounter here say just that our name generators ain't perfect, all events that look like real just show the lack of our imagination and perhaps some divination powers.

The players contribute to the work in very different ways starting from some little talks about introduction of new home rules, and up to role-playing of some mighty lords from the past (it used to be the present for us). My players are so mad about all sorts of legends and parables that it inflicted me too, that means that the site will acquire more and more new (and old) legends by different authors (mostly in Russian, sorry guys). I have put some old projects into this site, too.

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